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Automated Smart Clinic

Telehealth medical stations based on artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR). The patient completes self-examination with diagnostic tools. AI software collects symptoms, identifies diagnostic possibilities, and recommends a treatment plan.
The doctors connect with the patient through a video consultation to verify the diagnosis and presents a treatment plan.
Ideal for workplaces to get 24/7 access to instant and reliable healthcare.

Virtual Consultation

Innovative telemedicine platform with HIPAA Compliant. Access to a wide variety of consultants & specialists, anytime and anywhere with virtual consultation at your fingertip.
Ideally suited for first-level urgent care, specified common ailments, chronic disease management, follow-up consultations, transitional care, behavioral health care, etc. Significant savings in cost & time. Freedom from commuting and waiting at the clinics.

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Diagnostic Booking

AkosMD as a partner with some of the best labs having a wide-ranging presence in terms of services and geographic spread. Users will have seamless access to book the prescribed tests at preferred rates and in a most convenient manner. E-prescription generated on the platform is electronically forwarded to the lab & the test report is uploaded to the user's health record account. The relevant consultant gets automatic access to the test report for the necessary course of action.

Online Pharmacy

Users will have an option to get the e-prescription fulfilled by AkosMD online pharmacy partner. If this option is chosen, the e-prescription will be forwarded to our online pharmacy partner, who may deliver medicine/products to the user's doorstep. Users can avail themselves of preferred prices from the pharmacy partner.

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Partner Hospitals/Clinics

AkosMD has partnered with many reputed hospitals and clinics to fulfil all levels of healthcare needs including secondary & tertiary care, as may be required by its users, at preferred rates. As an outcome of teleconsultation, it may be required for the patient to visit a hospital or clinic physically for further treatment. In such a scenario, the patient may visit one of the preferred partners and avail of treatment at preferred rates.

Behavioral Health

AkosMD recognizes the growing need for care support required by people facing issues related to behavioral health. Such people are generally hesitant to go out and seek help for such conditions due to social stigma. AkosMD provides an ideal private platform for such people, where a variety of expert practitioners can be virtually consulted for issues such as anger management, anxiety, attention deficit, bipolar, depression, medication management, panic attacks, stress, trauma, etc. to get effective help.

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Wellness & Fitness

Preventive healthcare and wellness management is one of the cornerstones of Akos comprehensive care model. Akos has partnered with an array of wellness, fitness, and lifestyle services providers like Diet Consultants, Fitness Consultants, Fitness Centres, Sports Physio Consultants, etc. to provide an effective solution for the overall management of wellness and fitness of the users.

Health Records

Akos Platform has a secure and easy to access record management system for the users, wherein they can securely access the record for past interactions done on the platform. It provides the user with an effective tool to manage and analyze data related to past ailments medications, allergies, and other important information.

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